Saturday, February 28, 2015

Tulip Block

Nothing says spring like tulips! Seeing these bright beautiful flowers come up in the garden brings me joy and lets me know summer is right around the corner!
This tulip block is raw edge applique and easy to make. Choose your favorite color tulip and create it in fabric.
Block measures 10-1/2 inches

Materials list
~10-1/2 inch square cotton fabric print, I chose a field of tulips for background
~8"x 4" piece of cotton fabric for tulip, I chose a pinky-purple batik-apply paper backed fusible
~7-1/2 inch square cotton green print for stem and leaves, apply paper backed fusible
~Pencil or fine black marker
~Stitch n Tear stabilizer
~Decorative threads
~Optional white fabric pencil for highlights on flower

Fabrics for tulip flower, stem and leaves

Tulip background print

Print and cut out pattern, lay print side up, ABC tulip flower pieces on 8"x 4" paper side and trace around patterns using pencil or fine black marker and cut out along line.

Lay stem and leaves pattern side up on paper side of green print. trace and cut out along line.

At this point I like to pin the flower on the background for placement..just to test it out, see if I like colors and make any fabric changes I need to make.

Peel off paper back on leaves and stem, position on background fabric, tucking stem slightly under leaves and press in place.

Peel off paper in tulip A B C. Position A on stem, then  center B on top of A, finally C lining up bottom edges of A.

Press in place.

Ready to stitch raw edges, apply stitch n tear to back, pin on top to secure.

Using coordinating decorative thread, stitch around raw edges. Pull off stitch n tear from back.

Using a white fabric pencil, you can add highlights to edges.

Tulip Block Pattern by Damsel

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