Friday, January 9, 2015

Candy Hearts Block

Valentine's Day is a special day we celebrate our love with cards, candy, chocolate or reservations at a fine restaurant! It's the perfect holiday to let someone know you care. For me everyday is Valentine's Day with my very special Husband! 
This Heart quilt block would make a great pillow, or make a whole quilt for your special someone!

Materials List
~Heart pattern print out at the end of the post
~10-1/2" square pink print cotton fabric
~10-1/2" square light pastel mix colors cotton fabric
~10-1/2 square stitch and tear stabilizer
~sharp-pointed scissors for paper and fabric
~tape-I like painters tape because it pulls off easily
~Fabric erasable marking pen or pencil
~spray starch
~straight pins
~decorative coordinating thread
~permanent marking pen for messages

Print out heart pattern Sheet at the end of the post. Cut out each heart along the inside of the lines.

All hearts cut out make this stencil. You can save all the cut out hearts for another project.

Lay pink print square down on hard surface, lay heart stencil over fabric aligning dark line in each corner with edges of  fabric. You should have about 1 inch of fabric showing on each side. Tape top and bottom of stencil to surface. You tape the sides also to secure it more. Trace around all the hearts with a fabric marking pen or pencil.

Remove stencil 

Cut out all the hearts along inside lines

This is your top layer of the block. It gets a little wrinkled after all that cutting so spray with starch and press carefully so you don't stretch out of shape.

Lay down 10-1/2 " square stitch and tear, the pastel square fabric face up on top of that, then the pink heart cut out fabric face up on top. Pin using straight pins in place securing all layers together.

Using coordinating thread and a decorative stitch, stitch around each edge of cut out of hearts. Rip off all stitch and tear from the back and you can also cut away excess back fabric.Using Permanent marking pen write your own special messages to make it more personal.

Hope you enjoy making this fun block!
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Candy Hearts Block Stencil
download and print full page.

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