Thursday, November 13, 2014


Mr and Mrs Snowman have been busy! They gathered up all of their Sno-Babies just for this family photo! Mrs Snowman isn't ready to stop making Sno-babies...and I can see why! They are just so adorable!
So simple to make in minutes and uses scraps of leftover yarn. They only measure approximately 2 inches tall...give or take depending on your gauge of knitting. Join me and make a family of your own!(Mr and Mrs Snowman directions are from one of my past posts)
So you see...I can't just stop here........19 Sno-Babies and Counting!

*I created this simple knitting pattern especially for the beginner! Please contact me if you have any questions via contact form-please tell me which project you are referring to, or at
Please read through materials and Instructions first, before making Sno-Baby.
Thanks for checking this out and have fun!

Material List

 White yarn 3 ounces will make at least 20 Sno-Babies

Size 2 needles-the shorter the better

Yarn hand needle-they come in                                                            plastic or metal, I prefer metal 
Small beads for eyes

Small amount of stuffing for each Sno-Baby
Various Scraps of yarn for little scarves
 Latch Hook is optional but handy for putting fringe on scarf

Orange dimensional fabric paint
                                                         Also regular sewing needle &
                                                                  thread for beads(eyes)
                                                         Optional Glue if you want to 
                                                          glue on eyes

Let's Make a Sno-Baby 

Cast on 16 Stitches have a least a 4-inch tail leftover from casting on.

Knit 16 Rows

Knit 2 stitches together, all the way across. You should now have 8 stitches. Cut off about a 10-inch tail.

Thread the needle with the 10-inch yarn tail and take each stitch off the knitting needle one by one.

Pull through and up to gather top and secure, do not cut off yarn.

With side edges lined up continue to sew down center back seam down to the bottom. where other yarn tail is waiting.

Tie and knot tails together

Pull off needle..but do not cut yarn tails yet

It should look like this

Turn right side out (will look like a little thumb mitten) seam should be down center of the back

Thread a regular sewing needle with thread and sew on bead eyes. Can glue in place if you prefer

Stuff body with small amount of stuffing and using leftover tails and knit hand needle, gather up bottom and tie off and an trim off tails

Take about an 8-inch piece of white yarn, lay 3/8 inch down from eyes, wrap ends around to back

pull up tight(to add separation of head and body) tie and knot ends together and trim close to knot

This little cutie is almost done!

Making the Tiny Scarf

Cast on 2 stitches on your Size 2 needles with yarn color of your choice, and knit until little scarf is 4-inches long, cast off

Cut 4 - 2-inch pieces of yarn , and fold each strand in half and put loop end through end of scarf(this is where the latch hook comes in handy) repeat for other side. Attach 2 strands on each end off scarf and I trimmed the tails on each side the length of the fringe. Tie scarf around your Sno-Babies neck

With orange paint add nose


You can never have enough Sno-Babies!
Contact me if you have any questions and please leave comments!
Happy Knitting!
Debbie~Damsel Quilts&Crafts