Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hexi-Bugs Pillow

This project came about just out of blue as most of mine do.
I was out grocery shopping, which is about a 4- hour excursion! You would think I'm shopping for an army, but no, just two! I only shop once a month.
So in between stores I was ready to pass out!! I needed to eat something and pretty quick! Something about shopping for food makes me hungry, even when I'm full, and pushing that cart can be quite a workout! I always seem to get the cart with the equivalent of a mop head entwined around one wheel!! UGH!

There I am, sitting in McDonalds, I know, shame on me! Junk Food! Hey, a girl needs her cheeseburger and fry fix once in awhile. Mmmm enjoying my "salty treat" I'm looking around people watching, ....interesting, and on the wall I see Hex Bugs the featured toy in the Happy Meal! 
I was currently working on some hexi projects, but not bugs....I hate bugs! 
So I made this cute pillow, just stitched as I went along with the idea in my head, and knew any child would like this on their bed!

 I have to admit bugs made out of fabric are quite cute and fun! 
So next time when I'm in for my big shopping day I will look forward to it, with my eyes wide open!

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