Sunday, March 17, 2013

Knitted Baby Wraps

Pixy Dust Baby Wrap
Measures approximately 30" square

On those cool windy spring days, wrap a baby up in these warm, snugly-soft blankets! 
Super easy to knit, make one for your Baby, Grandbaby, or a Special Baby in need!

Material List
4 skeins ~3.5 ounce Bernat Pipsqueak Yarn
10~1/2 knitting needles (I like circular for this)


1. Cast on one stitch.
2. Increase that stitch.
3. Next Row, increase first stitch, then knit next stitch.
4. Continue to increase first stitch on every row, then knit remainder until you reach 30 inches.
5. Decrease on first stitch and then knit remainder.
6. Continue to decrease on first stitch and knit until you get down to one stitch.

Ready for that Sweet Baby!        

 Rainbow Sherbet Baby Wrap

                                                                              Baby Love

Hand Embroidery~ Lesser Goldfinch

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