Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Downton Abbey Teatime Rug

After watching the Season Finale of Downton Abbey, WOW! Another Shocker! This show has a way of taking me from laughter to crying with one ring of the front door bells! 
As sad as it can be in the last few episodes with the loss of Sybil and then Matthew(I'm thinking, "You're killing me"!), I can't help but wonder where my emotions will go in the next season. This I know for sure, this delicious drama mixed with witty, sarcastic humor and pure raw emotion, will draw me in; full heart and soul into a time where I personally feel such compassion!
So for now until next January comes around; I will sip some tea and nibble on a scone; and as Violet would say "at my age, one must ration one's excitement!"

On the back of the rug I sewed on crocheted shade pulls from early 1900's. My Mom gave them to me after she retrieved them from her Aunts Evelyn's house after she passed in 1988 at the age of 99.

These teeny-tiny crochet hooks are from her possessions as well.

She used these tiny hooks to make these shade pulls and edging on pillow cases.

For me, the roses represent love and kindness for one another; even though the upstairs and downstairs are separated by class, they have genuine respect and care for each other!
At least that's how it comes across to me.
I'm sure there were households just that way.
A time machine would be fun to have! Just to go for a quick visit! Don't you think?

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