Monday, January 14, 2013

Pieces of My Heart Mug Rug

Grab your pink and red scraps 
and make this lovable Heart Mug Rug! 
If you have any questions; contact me at

Material List
~Red and pink cotton scraps
~13-inch square medium weight non-fusible stabilizer
~13-inch square cotton batting
~13-inch square cotton batting for back
~38 inches of 1-inch binding
~Glue stick
~Optional decorative threads

 I was lucky to have a few fabrics with hearts!

1. Lay 3 or 4, 2 to 4 inch x 11-1/2 inch pieces across stabilizer on diagonal. It does not have to cover the corners.

2. Dab with glue stick on all corners to hold in place.

3. Cut different size pieces of fabrics, dab with glue stick, and place various size scraps on top of base fabric. Use as few or more scraps for the effect you want! 
Be Wild!!

 4. You can use the small heart templates and cut from fabric and glue a few of those in place too! 

5. Cut out large heart template on fold of paper, and lay on fabric scraps, positioning the way you like it.

 6. Once you like placement, draw around heart with a fabric marker.

 7. Remove heart template and check out if the placement is what you like. You can always re-trace if you wish.

8. Within drawn heart use decorative thread and stitch around all raw edges.

 All raw edges within drawn heart stitched!

 9. Cut out heart along drawn line.

 10. Lay out backing fabric, right side down, then batting on top, then heart right side up.

11. Pin to secure the layers.

 12. Set up machine for free-motion quilting and stitch to secure all layers together.

13. Cut out heart through all layers.

Ready for binding

14. Machine sew on 1 inch binding, clip curves and hand sew binding to back.

 This rug is ready for that mug! Plenty of room for a treat too!

Heart Mug Rug Back

Pieces of My Heart Templates
By Damsel

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