Monday, October 1, 2012

Ghostly Pumpkin Mug Rug!

I found this cute pumpkin mug and made this fun mug rug to go along with it! Perfect for a cup of cocoa and halloween treat!

This mug rug measures 9"x8"
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Materials List
Scrap 10"x10" mottled orange cotton fabric for front pumpkin
Scrap 10"x10" halloween treat fabric
Scrap of black print cotton fabric for tree
Scrap white print cotton fabric for ghost
Scrap mottled brown cotton fabric for owl
Scraps green print cotton fabric 2-4" squares for stem
Cotton batting 10"x10" square for pumpkin
Cotton batting 4"x4" square for stem         
Paper back fusible web
Fabric marking pen
Yellow and Black fabric paint
Small fine tip paint  brush


Front and Back of pumpkin
1. Place pumpkin pattern on fold of orange and treat fabric. Cut one of each. Press open. Set aside.

2. Draw tree, ghost, and owl onto paper sides of small, separate pieces of paper back fusible web.
3. Iron tree to  wrong side of black fabric, ghost to wrong side of white fabric, and owl to wrong side of brown fabric.

 4. Cut out all three along drawn lines.

5. Peel off paper back and place pieces on orange pumpkin top as shown above or place however you like.

6. Press in place when you are happy with placement.

7. Outline tree, ghost, and owl with decorative stitch and color coordinated thread.

8. Lay top pumpkin on top of batting and trim the batting to 1/2 inch all the way around so batting has the same shape as pumpkin. Proceed with the following:
9. Layer back right side down, then batting, and then top right side up, aligning top and bottom so edges match as much as possible.
  10. Pin to secure layers.

 11. Quilt as desired.

12. Trim off excess batting.


 13. For Stem take the 2-4" green squares and  batting and lay out as follows:
1) Lay down batting
2) Lay down 1 green -4" square right side up on top of batting
3) Lay other green square wrong side up on top

14. Using the stem pattern, draw around stem with fabric marking pen, on top wrong side.

 15. Pin along sides to hold layers in place while you sew.

16. Stitch on drawn line using a small stitch; leaving bottom open.      
 17. Trim around stem to 1/8" from stitching. Turn right side out and turn in bottom edge and slipstitch. Press.

18. Attach stem to top front of pumpkin........

 19. Slipstitch stem in place.

20. Use black and yellow fabric paint to add details to ghost and owl; referring to pattern for detail.

Back of  finished mug rug with mug!

 Front of finished mug rug with mug!

Ghostly Pumpkin Mug Rug Patterns
Cut out patterns and trace Right side down on paper back fusible


  1. I am a big Halloween lover since my birthday is a few days before - thanks for this cute mug rug


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