Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cows on the Farm Mug Rug!

This is a fun quick and easy mug rug, using a pre-printed background fabric! 
Quilt background and add in a cute cow for fun!
This mug rug is larger than most I make, but it has extra room for more cookies and milk!  MOOoooooo!

Finished size is approximately 13"x 7-3/4"
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For the back I cut "black spots" from fabric and stitched them onto a white background fabric to mimic my cow!

Materials list
Farm scene fabric for front
White solid for back and parts for cow
Black solid scraps for parts of cow and spots on back
Fat quarter or less for binding
Cotton batting 14"x9"
Paper back fusible web
Thread~white, black, and clear
Fabric marking pen
Black permanent fabric pen

Helpful but not necessary 
Silicone mat 

 Cut front of mug rug from pre-printed farm fabric 13-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches.

Cut back from white fabric same size; 13-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches.
 Draw parts of cow onto fusible web.
Fuse paper backed web onto wrong side of white fabric 
parts #1,#5,#6 

Fuse paper backed web onto wrong side black fabric parts #2, #3, #4 

 Cut out on marked lines, peel off paper, and place on silicone press sheet as follows; (or you can place and press directly on farm front)

1. Overlap black #2 piece of cow just over piece #1 press. Lift off sheet after it's cool and place back on sheet. (This is so you can place #4 ear)
2. Place #3 ear as shown on placement guide, and #4 ear under right side of head as shown. Press in place.
3. Place #5 nose and press.
4. Place #6 eye and press. Let cool. 

Peel off cow and place on farm front left, bottom corner. Press in place.

Stitch around cow body, ears, nose and eye with a decorative or straight stitch, using black and white thread.

For back; using the cow spot patterns provided, draw 10 large spots and 24 small spots onto paper back fusible. Press onto wrong side of black fabric.

Cut out and peel off paper.
Lay out spots on right side of white background fabric, turn and position spots until you get the look you want! Press on place.
Stitch around black spots with decorative or straight stitch using black thread.
Top and bottom ready to layer; place white spotted bottom right side down. Next lay batting on top of that, then farm top right side up on top of batting.

     Pin layers together.

                      Quilt as desired using clear thread.

Quilting completed, then trim edges even.

Mark a dot 3/4" down from each corner. 

Use a cup and mark the curve with a fabric marking pen to make a curved corner. Repeat for all corners.
Cut each curve on marked line with scissors or rotary cutter.

Bind edges with your favorite binding.


Add details to eye and nose as shown using a black fabric pen.

Cow Mug Rug Patterns

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