Saturday, August 18, 2012


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Gardening and Donuts Mug Rug for Mom

My Mom decided she wanted me to make a mug rug for her for Mother's Day. I asked her what she wanted and she replied whatever you want to do, you know my favorite colors! Which are purples and pinks. 
I decided to make this rug 2-sided, gardening for the front, one of Mom's favorite warm weather pastimes, and donuts on the back, one of her favorites treats! Especially Coconut! She will never refuse a stop at Dunkin Donuts!
I even stuck her cat "Petu" in the corner.
Donuts and Teapots for the Back

Which came first? The Mug or the Rug?

For me I usually find the mugs first, and then design my rug around the mug. I like to add special unique touches, thinking outside the box.
When I was working on a rug one day I wrote this poem especially for these cuties!
I'm a mug rug, cute and sweet;
just enough room for a drink and a treat!
If you happen to drip, or drop a crumb;
gently wash me by hand so....... 
I'll be ready when snack time comes!
                                                               By Damsel

Kitten at Sleep and Play                     

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