Thursday, July 12, 2012


As I said in my studio section, I have a glorious view looking out at my backyard pond, with lush green plants, beautiful fish and bouncing bullfrogs! I thought it would be fun to make a frog mug rug. Frogs are so much fun to watch, and now I can enjoy my morning coffee and snack on this cute rug!

One of my bullfrogs out looking for some breakfast! No! You can't have my muffin!

~2 coordinating fabrics, fat quarters or scraps at least 6 inches square
~scraps of green fabric for frog and lily pad, different yellow fabrics for lily
~12-inch x 6-1/2 inches fabric for back
~12-inch x 6-1/2 inches of cotton batting
~approximately 36 inches of 1- inch binding
~paper-backed fusible
~fabric pens or embroidery floss- Black and Red


  1.Cut a 6" square from each fabric scrap or fat quarters.

2. Draw frog onto paper side of fusible using frog template.

3. Fuse frog to wrong side of green fabric scrap. Cut out on drawn line. **Tip~Place drawn pattern on bias to keep it from fraying.

4. Using Lily pad template trace onto back of paper backed fusible.

5. Fuse lily pad to another green scrap fabric. Cut out on drawn line.

6. Fuse lily pad to 6 inch square of fabric, then place frog on lily pad and fuse in place.

7. Draw, fuse, and cut water lily in same manner as frog and lily pad, place in order shown on template print out, on other 6- inch square. Slip stem under last lily part #5.

8. Fuse in place.

9. Use your favorite decorative stitch to outline all raw edges

10. Draw on or sew detail for frog face using fabric pens or embroidery floss.

 11. Sew 6-inch squares together using 1/4 inch seam, press to darker side. Quilt as you wish.
 12. For curved corners, grab a small plate and place 1/2 inch down from each corner and draw the curve with a fabric marking pen.
 13. Cut on curved corner.
14. I made continuous binding 1-inch wide and sewed on.

This mug rug can be used on both sides. The back is just as fun as the front!
 I used two fabric scraps sewn together to make the back of the rug!
 I found the perfect mug for this rug! A leap frog mug! 
It makes this cute Froggy Mug Rug complete!

Frog  Mug Rug Templates
Click to Download templates and print full page

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