Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I created these pretty pincushions one day to make better use of my watch. I very rarely need to know what time it is when I'm in my studio; however I always need a pincushion close by.
When I leave, this pretty little flower removes easily and I'm back in the real world!

I made a whole bunch to satisfy my mood for everyday!

~Artificial flowers~ 3-4 inches in diameter
~wire cutters
~6-inch squares of colorful cotton fabric 
~fiber-fil for stuffing center
~needle and thread
~glue gun
~5/8 inch wide hook and loop tape
~optional extra large yo yo maker or make your own finished size 2-3/8 inch

Cut off stem of flower close to base.

Remove plastic base.

On top of flower cut off plastic middle, while keeping flower intact.
You can separate layers and then use the small green piece to secure the flower back together.
 Front and back of flower

Cut a 6-inch square of cotton fabric and using the extra large YoYo maker, fit together using instructions,  trim to 1/4 inch around the circle and hand stitch in provided slots. Pop out plastic.

Pull up threads, not all the way, and stuff firmly. Secure bottom with thread and tie off.

 With glue gun put a little dollop of glue in the center of the flower, press in center and hold.

 Use dots of hot glue to secure some of the petals if necessary.

 Cut a 2-inch piece of hook and loop tape and pull apart.
                                                                Overlap 3/4 of an inch

Put a dot of glue on back of flower.
Adhere to overlap on hook and loop tape.

Place your watch on tape, face side down, overlap to secure and cut to fit. 

Your pincushion is ready to go!!

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