Saturday, June 16, 2012


Just over a year ago, I said goodbye to my sister. I have spent the last year trying to figure out what kind of quilt to make to preserve her memory and finally this idea came to me.       

She loved pansies so I thought I would make a background pansy base with lots of pansies on top. 

I decided to use fabric paint for centers and details, but to make this extra-special I mixed some of her ashes into the paint to really make this quilt for and about my sister.........

When I see Pansies
I think of You
Funny Faces of Happy Memories
I had with You

1 yard solid purple for top flower base
1 yard backing fabric
1/8 to 1/4 yards of fabrics for pansies, scraps work well here
Paper backed fusible web
Medium-weight non-fusible stabilizer
Cotton batting
Polyester fiber-fil
Fabric paint
Paint brushes
optional embroidery floss
fabric marking pens or pencils
applique pressing sheet 
Fold 1 yard purple fabric right sides together.
Starting at top corner of fold, draw the letter B with a fabric pencil,
ending at bottom folded edge.
Cut on drawn line.


Open right side facing up.

Trace A,B,C Petal templates on paper side of paper backed fusible web.
Label each piece with A-B-C
 Cut out each paper template 1/4 inch from drawn line.
Fuse to wrong side of pansy fabrics, 5-8 seconds with hot dry
 Cut out on drawn line.
 Remove paper back of piece A and position on applique pressing sheet.

Next remove B paper and position on top of A. Then C piece and position on top of B.

Move pieces to adjust to the position that pleases you!

Press in place and press with hot dry iron, let cool then peel off pressing sheet.

Place center template in the middle of the flower trace with fabric pencil or pen.
 Repeat with all flowers.

Arrange on flower base using as many flowers as you wish.
Press in place.

Lay medium-weight non-fusible stabilizer on back of this top piece; use two sheets, top and bottom and pin around the outside or baste in place. It does not have to be perfect. 
Use decorative thread and stitch around inner and outer edges. 

 Turn top over and cut an X with sharp scissors into the back of the interfacing. Make sure you separate the front from the interfacing when you cut. 

Use the eraser of a pencil to lightly stuff the flower with fiber-fil. Cut the areas of the flower you want to fill. 
Stuff all or some of the flowers, just don't over-stuff! 
Trim off excess interfacing.

If you are not using paint, you can embroider the centers at this point.

Layer quilt top, batting, and back and pin in place.
Quilt as desired.

At this point I put the quilt on the design wall and started painting away!

After all painting is done and completely dry, cut batting and back to match front and bind with bias binding.

I chose this fabric back because it reminded me of our childhood.

Normally I put the label on the back of the quilt, but I thought this label was meant to be on the front.

Templates for Pansies

                             Download templates and print
             Any questions? Contact me @


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