Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I thought it was time to update my studio from drab chocolate red to bright green and yellow! The only problem I have now is, grabbing time to play in this bright cheerful space!

My husband James is a wonderful handyman, painter, all around anything I need done, he is ready to do! Yes I know how lucky I am!

He made me my sewing table with storage on both sides from a deconstructed kitchen office, with a beautiful view to my backyard pond! Bullfrogs and fish included!

The back wall displays my quilts, and long work surface my hubby created gives me plenty of room to cut and create! A TV is always a great addition to watch my favorite shows (Downton Abby)!

These Bright Green shelves hold projects waiting to be done, ironing essentials, and sewing basket with latch hooks, crochet hooks that come in handy for various things.
The bottom drawers under the work surface my husband put in after retrieving from a neighbor who had them out for trash, from a waterbed she took out.

The Baskets hold lots of scraps! The drawers lots of fabric!

My husband found this Thread Cabinet at an Estate Sale for $7 and refinished it for me! He did a beautiful job and all my special threads have a great new home!

Sometimes I steal a moment to sit in this comfy rocking chair that my Husband picked up for free! If you seek you will find, and he does! He comes home with the most amazing things for little or nothing!

My husband is in window blinds and we came up with applying cotton batting with adhesive spray to a large roller shade and he installed it on my wall. It can be rolled up or pulled all the way down to the floor if I need it. He made me a wood cornice to go over the roller and painted it lemon curd yellow, to make it all look neat! I can use the shelf on top for decorative purposes!

                                                                                                                                Entrance into second section of my studio, which is head to toe under make-believe water! Complete with three fish tanks and hand-painted fish and coral on the walls by my hubby and me. I have collected shells,and all kinds of fishy and sea bric-a-brac, this room helps me keep close to my love of the sea!

                                     Even a fishy quilt!

More thread, never can have too many spools of good thread!
A sink comes in handy for cleaning fish tanks, and cleaning paintbrushes from various projects.
                       I LOVE MY QUILT STUDIO!

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