Sunday, April 15, 2012


My Sweet Bella helps me sort my fabric scraps!

Uses for old prescription bottles
I have lots and lots of prescription bottles lying around..I keep them because I think they will be useful for something. One day I painted the bottle with black acrylic paint, let it dry and added a few painted flowers for decoration.

                                                                                  Poked a hole in the top using a nail and hammer and I have the perfect pretty and safe disposal container for my sewing needles.

I also made a Mushroom pincushion! Make a large yoyo, stuff it, pulled the threads and secured around the cap of the bottle. Paint the bottle with acrylic paints any design you wish.

Chinese Calendar Tip

Take that Chinese calendar you receive dining out in the New Year and put it to good use! I lay out quilt block projects and can quickly roll them up to take it with me or just get it out of the way!

One day I was looking at my pretty teapots my husband had brought home to me from yard sales and got an idea!

I have all these almost spent spools of thread. Not enough to thread on my machine or wind a bobbin.

I gathered them all and put them in the teapots.

Pulled out my crochet hook

Put the crochet hook through the spout of the teapot

.......and pulled the thread through. You can put in several spools of thread if you wish!

 Now you have thread already for basting, yoyo's,or any other projects you have going!
Just pull and cut!

Hand Embroidery~ Lesser Goldfinch

I am just having fun Hand Embroidering Birds that come to my yard for a visit, this is a Female Lesser Goldfinch! I incorporated real rose...