Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Who wouldn't want to wear this yummy Dessert Apron? Delicious!

The back of this apron is loaded with goodies!

Cute Cats can help you in the kitchen or garden!

Reversible Back with pockets! 
It's a Cat Wonderland!

Laundry Day! This Apron helps me get it all done!

Back of Apron with all the laundry hanging on the line! I love the way clothes smell fresh from the clothesline!


Rag Doll Apron made for a special request!
I created this Rag Doll to resemble Raggedy Ann, my clients favorite character.

Reversible Back of Apron~Raggedy Ann Picnic!

Ready for strawberry picking!

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I came up with a simple way to keep your glasses on you all the time with-out falling on the floor!
This is simple, pretty and functional with things you probably already have~ free too!

Find your prettiest pins, I used a sparkly teapot lapel pin. Also some ponytail holders.

Take off the back.

 Place ponytail holder of your choice.

 Place through shirt, dress,or whatever you have on!

Attach back on inside of garment.
Now those glasses are ready when you are!

You can also use a regular decorative pin or brooch.
 Just slide pin through garment

Add on ponytail holder and clasp.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I had so many pairs of jeans with holes in the knees I just had to figure out ways to re-purpose them. So I decided; since I wear aprons all the time for sewing/quilting, cooking, and yard work, I should make some fun aprons!

  1. I cut off the legs and crotch.
  2. Cut up the side seams to separate the front from the back. I use both sides for 2 separate aprons.(this apron is from the back of the pants)
  3. Lay jean apron front on selected fabric, right sides together, and cut along edge.
  4. Insert jean needle in machine and sew all the way around all edges of apron with a 1/2-inch seam leaving an 8-inch opening on the side. Stitch around again.
  5. Turn right sides out, pushing out edges at points and all along seams, press and hand sew opening closed.
  6. Use extra fabric from back to make a belt-tie, double the size of the loop adding 1/2 inch, fold in half and sew 1/4 inch form edge. Leave 4-inch opening, turn, press and sew closed.
  7. Insert into belt loops for apron ties.
  8. Decorate as desired. I like to use fabric paints to paint on design. Or you can cut out fabric cut-outs, and glue in place or use store-bought appliques.
  9. Use your imagination!
Please leave comments and follow me for more fun!

Fun Whimsical Tea Cups!

Back of Apron

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I was recently at a yard sale with my husband looking through a basket of material, when I came across a soft Winnie-the-Pooh baby book. It was so cute and in perfect condition. My wheels started turning and I couldn't wait to get home and start on my idea!

1.I got out my seam ripper and started to take the book apart, separating back to back pages at stitching. 
2.Two of the pages were connected by stitching around the rabbit hole, so I carefully ripped that out to separate the two pages.(2 bottom right pages)

3.Square the blocks in this case to 6-1/2 inches, every book will be different.Sometimes you have to cut off things off you don't want to, but it can't be helped, like Kanga's head.(second block from left on bottom)
4.Add 1-1/2 inch border fabric to all four sides of each story block.

 5.The alternate blocks are pinwheel blocks, four small pinwheels put together to make one block.
6.Cut 2-7/8 inch squares of light and darker fabric. On wrong side of light fabric mark a line down middle corner to corner. Stack on top of darker fabric and sew 1/4 inch from center line on each side. Cut on center line and press open.
7. Piece these blocks together to make pinwheels.
8. Alternate story blocks with completed pinwheel blocks.

9.Apply 2-inch border strips to sides then top and bottom.
10.I decided to put extra fun things in this quilt that go along with the story, balloons, honey pot, bee hive, bees, and sun.
11. I made simple drawings on fabric, sewed them, lightly stuffed them and used velcro to attach.
12. The bee-hive was sewn in place and also the bees.
13.I still had to fix those holes, I basted a large circle and attached it to the back of the hole, then machine stitched around the hole.
14.Kanga's head was recreated with fabric, and stitched in place. 
15. Assemble the backing fabric, batting and top. and quilt.
16.Bind the quilt.

17.Attach velcro and add all the cute little stuffies.
18.The little stuffed Pooh bear came with the book and can be moved around to all the different places on the quilt.

Time for bed Pooh!
Attaching Sun

Putting on Poohs red vest!

Pooh stuck in the doorway!

Christopher Robin and gang help pull Pooh out of hole!

Bee Hive and Bees

Honey Pot with all that delicious honey!

Attaching Balloon with velcro

Kanga's new head

Opening empty cupboard at Piglets

Winnie-the-Pooh backing fabric

Bee with hive label

Hand Embroidery~ Lesser Goldfinch

I am just having fun Hand Embroidering Birds that come to my yard for a visit, this is a Female Lesser Goldfinch! I incorporated real rose...