Thursday, February 2, 2012



                One of my favorite stories when I was little was about an old lady
               who loved to knit; she made mittens for all the neighborhood children.
               They loved her mittens for one very special reason; they could eat them!
             They were knitted with candy yarn the old lady made herself!
 One day this story infiltrated my thoughts, I decided to make a magic mitten quilt; so here you go........

I picked out fun whimsical fabrics from my stash, great project for using scraps. This fun little quilt only measures 21"x26-1/2".
I made a small mitten and cuff template and cut it out of template plastic, cut out mittens and cuffs and machine appliqued on a 5" background piece of fabric. after all the mittens were appliqued I used 1-1/2 " border strips for inner border and 3-1/2 " strips for outer border. Assembled the layers of the quilt, pin-basted and machine quilted using invisible thread.
I put a stripped binding on the quilt using 2" strips. 
Once that was done I made snowflakes! I cut out 2-1/2" circles of white print fabric, folded the once, twice, then 3 times(remember making snowflakes out of paper in elementary school, same thing) then making little cuts keeping the point and most of the unfolded side in tact, open up and press. I used basting spray to apply the snowflakes to quilt and then used free-motion stitching to set them in place. I used silver glimmer thread to make them sparkle.
This step takes patience because of all the cuts, but well worth the time.
Once that is done add your label and hang sleeve and put on your wall to enjoy!

Ball of yarn and needles label

                                         Mitten Template


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