Friday, January 9, 2015

Candy Hearts Block

Valentine's Day is a special day we celebrate our love with cards, candy, chocolate or reservations at a fine restaurant! It's the perfect holiday to let someone know you care. For me everyday is Valentine's Day with my very special Husband! 
This Heart quilt block would make a great pillow, or make a whole quilt for your special someone!

Materials List
~Heart pattern print out at the end of the post
~10-1/2" square pink print cotton fabric
~10-1/2" square light pastel mix colors cotton fabric
~10-1/2 square stitch and tear stabilizer
~sharp-pointed scissors for paper and fabric
~tape-I like painters tape because it pulls off easily
~Fabric erasable marking pen or pencil
~spray starch
~straight pins
~decorative coordinating thread
~permanent marking pen for messages

Print out heart pattern Sheet at the end of the post. Cut out each heart along the inside of the lines.

All hearts cut out make this stencil. You can save all the cut out hearts for another project.

Lay pink print square down on hard surface, lay heart stencil over fabric aligning dark line in each corner with edges of  fabric. You should have about 1 inch of fabric showing on each side. Tape top and bottom of stencil to surface. You tape the sides also to secure it more. Trace around all the hearts with a fabric marking pen or pencil.

Remove stencil 

Cut out all the hearts along inside lines

This is your top layer of the block. It gets a little wrinkled after all that cutting so spray with starch and press carefully so you don't stretch out of shape.

Lay down 10-1/2 " square stitch and tear, the pastel square fabric face up on top of that, then the pink heart cut out fabric face up on top. Pin using straight pins in place securing all layers together.

Using coordinating thread and a decorative stitch, stitch around each edge of cut out of hearts. Rip off all stitch and tear from the back and you can also cut away excess back fabric.Using Permanent marking pen write your own special messages to make it more personal.

Hope you enjoy making this fun block!
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Candy Hearts Block Stencil
download and print full page.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Winter Owls

Happy New Year!
Lots and lots of  quilt blocks and a few knitting projects and crafts coming your way for the New Year!

Cute Mama and Baby Owls taking a rest from the winter weather on a Pine branch!
Easy raw edge applique with details of the branches and owls done in fabric colored pencils.
Block is 10-1/2 inch square
Print out pattern is at the end of post~Read through material list and instructions before beginning

Materials List
~10-1/2" square cotton fabric background~winter scene
~5" square brown print fabric with paper-backed fusible applied for owl body background
~4"x 3" white print fabric with paper-backed fusible applied for owl body front
~5"x 11" brown print with paper-backed fusible applied for tree trunks
~fabric colored pencils~black,brown,green,orange, and white
~coordinating thread for decorative stitching on owls and tree trunks

~Print and cut out patterns
~Trace owls body background on paper side of 5" brown print fabric~cut out along line
~Trace owl bodies- front on paper side of 4"x 3" white print fabric~cut out along lines
~Trace tree trunks of paper side of 5" x 11" brown print~cut out along lines
~Remove paper back off all pieces(slash with a pin makes it easy) and arrange tree trunks on background square as I did in picture. Press in place.
~Kind of center owl body background in middle of the block and press in place, then add owl fronts on top of body background and press in place. You can also assemble owls on silicone craft sheet before you place on background square.
~Decorative stitch around raw edges of owl bodies and tree trunks.
~Using block as a guide, draw on tree branches, pine needles,owl eyes and beak using fabric colored pencils, add in more or less as you wish! Just have fun with it!

      Print out full page pattern for Winter owls

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Whimsical Sno-Men and Sno-Women Wreath

   This Snowman wreath has been in my head since last year and I had originally planned to make it for last Christmas but just didn't have the time to do it the way I wanted.  I used the grapevine as the base and small gourds for the heads and my Husband painted them white. I left all the stems in place if they had them, and thought that would make a great nose! I knitted all the hats and scarves and painted on each face.Finally, embellished the wreath with small ornaments and snowflakes! Snowmen are my favorite!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Holiday Wreaths

Under the Sea Wreath

Every year my Husband and I enjoy the beauty of the season and make fun crafts together! Over the years we have made elaborate Christmas cookies, Scented Candles, made from scratch Gingerbread House complete with sleds and hills, trees,snowmen and lots of icing and candy. 
For the last few years we have been making wreaths all with  different themes! We talk about ideas early on and and gather our own items we have stored away or frequent the local shops and garage sales, taking advantage of discounts. We also like to make some things from scratch!
Late October-early November we cut long lengths off our grape vine and form them into wreaths and then set them aside until late November, when we are ready to create our wreaths. After Thanksgiving we got to it and while we watched MANY Hallmark Christmas Movies(we love these) and listened to an occasional Christmas Song we created our newest wreaths! FUN and Great Quality time with my Honey!

Grape Vine in the summer and beautiful Green Grapes

Steampunk Wreath

My Husband loves Steampunk and just had make a wreath with that theme!

                                                           Vintage Ornament Wreath

My Husband bought a large bag of Vintage Ornaments from the 50's and 60's at a garage sale and turn them into this beauty!

                                                               Outer Space Wreath
                        Lots of Robots /Aliens and Sparkle....make this wreath out of this world!

                                                                 Sweet Treat Wreath

All kinds of Candy make this wreath Extra-Sweet!

                                                               Favorite Foods Wreath

      It's a Food Frenzy in this Wreath...from Hot Dogs to Sushi!

                                                             Birds of a Feather Wreath

I'm a Bird-Watcher by heart and this Wreath of Adorable Birds is one of my Favorites!

Stay tuned for the latest wreath coming the next couple days! I'll give you a hint-Snow!

Thanks for stopping by and Enjoy the Season!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

19 Sno-Babies and Counting!

Mr and Mrs Snowman have been busy! They gathered up all of their Sno-Babies just for this family photo! Mrs Snowman isn't ready to stop making Sno-babies...and I can see why! They are just so adorable!
So simple to make in minutes and uses scraps of leftover yarn. They only measure approximately 2 inches tall...give or take depending on your gauge of knitting. Join me and make a family of your own!(Mr and Mrs Snowman directions are from one of my past posts)
So you see...I can't just stop here........19 Sno-Babies and Counting!

*I created this simple knitting pattern especially for the beginner! Please contact me if you have any questions via contact form-please tell me which project you are referring to, or at
Please read through materials and Instructions first, before making Sno-Baby.
Thanks for checking this out and have fun!

Material List

 White yarn 3 ounces will make at least 20 Sno-Babies

Size 2 needles-the shorter the better

Yarn hand needle-they come in                                                            plastic or metal, I prefer metal 
Small beads for eyes

Small amount of stuffing for each Sno-Baby
Various Scraps of yarn for little scarves
 Latch Hook is optional but handy for putting fringe on scarf

Orange dimensional fabric paint
                                                         Also regular sewing needle &
                                                                  thread for beads(eyes)
                                                         Optional Glue if you want to 
                                                          glue on eyes

Let's Make a Sno-Baby 

Cast on 16 Stitches have a least a 4-inch tail leftover from casting on.

Knit 16 Rows

Knit 2 stitches together, all the way across. You should now have 8 stitches. Cut off about a 10-inch tail.

Thread the needle with the 10-inch yarn tail and take each stitch off the knitting needle one by one.

Pull through and up to gather top and secure, do not cut off yarn.

With side edges lined up continue to sew down center back seam down to the bottom. where other yarn tail is waiting.

Tie and knot tails together

Pull off needle..but do not cut yarn tails yet

It should look like this

Turn right side out (will look like a little thumb mitten) seam should be down center of the back

Thread a regular sewing needle with thread and sew on bead eyes. Can glue in place if you prefer

Stuff body with small amount of stuffing and using leftover tails and knit hand needle, gather up bottom and tie off and an trim off tails

Take about an 8-inch piece of white yarn, lay 3/8 inch down from eyes, wrap ends around to back

pull up tight(to add separation of head and body) tie and knot ends together and trim close to knot

This little cutie is almost done!

Making the Tiny Scarf

Cast on 2 stitches on your Size 2 needles with yarn color of your choice, and knit until little scarf is 4-inches long, cast off

Cut 4 - 2-inch pieces of yarn , and fold each strand in half and put loop end through end of scarf(this is where the latch hook comes in handy) repeat for other side. Attach 2 strands on each end off scarf and I trimmed the tails on each side the length of the fringe. Tie scarf around your Sno-Babies neck

With orange paint add nose


You can never have enough Sno-Babies!
Contact me if you have any questions and please leave comments!
Happy Knitting!
Debbie~Damsel Quilts&Crafts