Friday, August 22, 2014

"Jungle Eyes" Reader Block Challenge

I created this Block for a Reader block challenge using Batik branches and custom leaves! You had to incorporate circles of some sort so I made eyes for my circles.

Please check out the gallery of quilt blocks and vote for me!

Thank you so much!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Back to School Chalkboard Breakfast Mat

What a fun way to have breakfast on this Back to School Mat! Just enough room for your little one's breakfast and drink and more room for doodling or maybe a quick math problem....
I'm always trying to come up with new ways to use the piles and piles of jeans I have accumulated. This project is quick and easy and will be sure to put a smile on your child's face!
This mat measures 7"x 15"

Materials List

~Cut from a spare pair of jeans (leg) 1~7"x 15" rectangle of denim for chalkboard front
~Small can of chalkboard paint from Lowes or Home Depot 
~Cotton fabric for back 7"x 15" rectangle, plus 4-1/2" x 3-1/2"      scrap for chalk pocket
~Batting 7"x 15"
~Muslin 7" x 15"
~Strong nickel-plated pins for pinning layers together
~Jean sewing machine needle
~Coordinated thread
~optional Teflon foot or walking foot to help sew on top  layer(chalkboard paint)

Take your 7"x 15" piece of denim cut from old jeans

Paint top of denim rectangle with a generous layer of chalkboard paint almost to edges, let dry.

Paint a second layer of chalkboard and let thoroughly dry. Curls a little on edges but will pin in place easily with heavy duty pins.

Layer muslin on bottom, batting in middle, and top cotton backing fabric on top.

Pin layers together.

Free motion stitch all over back with any thread you want, set aside.

For chalk pocket~ with 4-1/2" x 3-1/2" scrap fold over one short side 1/4" then 1/4" again, press, stitch close to fold.
Fold right sides together and sew 1/4" across other short side.

Flip right sides out and press.

Lay quilted back, right side down, then lay chalkboard top right side up.

Pin Chalkboard pocket centered to left side matching raw edges of pocket and mat. Pin with heavy duty pins all the way around mat.

Using a jean needle,  sew a scant 1/4 " straight stitch all the way around mat to secure layers and pocket. A Teflon or walking foot helps make this chalkboard fabric feed more evenly or gently pull through.

Sew on binding all the way around.

Clip to 1/8 " of stitching, fold to back, pin, and hand sew in place.

Fun quilted back can be used as well.

Chalkboard mat ready to use while your little one enjoys breakfast!

Any questions or comments contact me at!
Thanks for looking~Damsel

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tomato Block

After spending the day making tomato sauce from beautiful tomatoes I plucked from the garden, I decided to make a tomato block. This block is raw edge applique~

Tomato Block ~ 1 square 10~1/2  inches for background 
(I chose a tomato print by Debbie Mumm)
                           ~Square 10 inch scrap of mottled reddish pink                                    fabric with paper back fusible applied
                            ~Small scrap green print with paper backed                                       fusible applied
                            ~decorative threads for machine applique

 Print out provided pattern and place pattern on paper side of fabric, draw tomatoes onto reddish fabric, and stems onto green.
Cut out and peel off paper.
Place in position using my block as a guide.
Iron in place.
Use coordinating decorative thread and machine applique in place.

Fresh lovely tomatoes I picked from the garden.

I use a chinois to extract all the goodness from the tomatoes. I use this as a base for my sauce.
                                                                                                                                                                I add crushed tomatoes,paste, garlic, fresh basil, parsley, and oregano.
Then I can the sauce in a hot water bath.
This way we can enjoy this sauce all winter long!

Tomato and Stem patterns
Print out full page

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Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunflower Block

Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers! They are so big and bright...they just make me smile!

Just print out the following templates and cut out.
This block is done using raw edge applique.
I used three fabrics, I chose batiks. One background fabric and two for the sunflower.
Cut a 10-1/2 inch square for background.
Iron on paper back fusible to wrong side of the flower fabrics, draw on paper side and cut out.
Lay #1 right side up centered on background.
Lay #2 right side up on top of #1 turning to get the leaf placement you want.
Place center on top and press to secure all the layers.
Stitch edges down using your favorite stitch!

These are some Beautiful Sunflowers from my garden; after they are done blooming, I throw the seed heads out for the birds to snack on! 

Sunflower Pattern

Thank you for your time and if you have any questions or comments let me know!  Damsel

Friday, July 18, 2014

Flip Flop Ocean Quilt

My Brother asked me to make a queen size quilt for him and his wife for their Beach Condo in Maine. They wanted Flip Flops on it and and various sea-life and I spent quite a few months making it with all my projects going on but finally hand delivered it to him! They were thrilled with it! It looks really great with all the decorations they had custom made!

The Beautiful Painting above the bed is by Artist Jacqui Hawk

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Project Linus Charity Quilts

                                This quilt is called Duck Pond~Tutorial is not provided at this time

This is something I am truly passionate about, and I hope you will
Join Me and Bring Comfort to a Child in Need! There is nothing like a Quilt, Blanket, knitted, crocheted or sewn with Love!

Details found here:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Yoga Mug Mat

The beginning of the new year is the time for a fresh start, eating better and doing a work out of some kind. I find Yoga is a great way to keep your body flexible and to relax and de-stress your mind.
Make this Mug Mat for someone that enjoys Yoga, or maybe wants to!

~2 pieces of cotton fabric cut 12-1/2" x 7" one for front and one for back of mug mat~I used the same fabric for front and back
~ 1 piece cotton batting cut 12-1/2" X 7"
~1 piece black cotton solid fabric cut 8-1/2" x 7-1/2"
~1 piece coordinating color cotton fabric to match your front fabric for letters cut 8"x 4"
~paper backed fusible~ 2 pieces~ cut 8-1/2" x 7-1/2" and 8" x 4"
~binding~store bought or make your own approximately 38 inches
~fine tip marker or pencil
~Invisible thread
~fine point scissors
~print out pattern at the end of post and cut out 

Fabric cut and ready to go
Front and Back of Mug Mat~I cut both from same cotton fabric
Black cotton for Yoga figures
Brown print for letters(You chose fabric for letters that go with your front of Mug Mat)

Iron paper back fusible onto black fabric and fabric you chose for letters, following manufacture instructions.

Place letters right side down on the paper side of the fabric you chose for the letters. This piece is 8" x 4"~fabric is right side down

Using a fine tip marker or pencil, trace each letter onto the paper side

Using sharp pointed scissors, cut out the letters and yoga figures on drawn lines

*Tip~use small pieces of painters tape, gently adhere tape to hold paper pattern in place

Yoga figures drawn on paper side of black fabric, 8-1/2" x 7-1/2"

Cut out along drawn lines

*Tip~use a pin to score paper

Peel off paper easily from scored line and repeat for all letters and figures.

Lay out front side of mat~ lay figures and letters however you like or follow this pattern.

Press figures and letters in place following manufacture instructions on fusible.

Layer backing fabric, right side face down, then batting on top of wrong side of backing, then mat top right side up on top of batting.

Pin the layers together.

Thread the machine with invisible thread, sew around the figures and letters. I like to use a free motion foot for this.

For the background, instead of quilting the background with free motion, I chose a decorative stitch and went along the diagonal of the stripes. I used a  coordinated decorative thread.

All the layers stitched together, and raw edges of appliques are secured.

Using a small empty spool, 1/4 inch from each corner, draw a curve.

                                                      Cut along the curved line

Repeat for all for corners if you wish, or just leave all corners  straight.

Sew on binding of your choice. I make mine using a one inch binding and use 1/4 inch seam aligning raw edges on front, flipping finished edge to back and hand sew all the way around edge.

Finished Yoga Mug Mat!
Done with the workout and ready for 
a nice cup of Ginger Tea!

Print out full page Patterns for Yoga Mug Mat

                                                                    Ginger Tea

My husband and I enjoy drinking ginger tea so much!
It is delicious and has many benefits; it improves circulation, eases muscle aches, and aids in digestion.

Ginger Tea
Fresh Ginger~Peel and slice enough for about 1/3 cup
Tip~Peel ginger easily with a teaspoon

~Steep in 4 cups boiling water for 5 minutes.
~Pour in cup and add slice of lemon and some raw honey if you like some sweetness.
Drink and enjoy!